Monday, June 05, 2006

Effective Stress Relief from Work for Men

Men deal with more stress than ever these days. Workdays are harder than ever and the need to be successful is stronger. However, with this need for success, also comes the need for major stress relief from work. Most men; especially those with families have to face so much stress that they often become angry and resentful if the stress is not properly handled. The problem is wondering where you can turn to for help in dealing with stress. I am telling you that there are multiple places that you can turn for stress relief advice.

When it comes to men’s health advice it used to be that men turned to their fathers. Of course, these days, that is often not going to be very helpful. So much is being written about women’s health today that it only makes sense for there to be much information on men’s health as well. Men needed a place to turn top for advice and general information about their health and the forums for this are increasing every day.

Increasingly, advice for men is furnished through men's magazines such as Men's Health and Men's Journal. Even Playboy magazine has spent decades dishing out advice for men on everything from love and sex to cars and computers. Their writers and editors are often connoisseurs with expertise in wine, cinema, literature, music, humor, and other tools of the trade. Men’s health issues are addressed in articles just about everywhere including online forums as well.

As it turns out, the Internet is the leading source of advice for men, because it's often free. Free advice, as you might suspect, does not always equate with good advice, however, so men must in fact be discriminating in where they turn. If there's one problem that soliciting advice over the Internet poses, it's the difficulty of verifying the information sources. Consequently, the value of established men's portals, many of which have attracted writers and editors from leading magazines, has skyrocketed in the past few years.

Sometimes, it's women who indeed have the best advice for men, as it is they whom the men have spent so much time, energy, and money pursuing. Ironically, it's women and women’s magazines that often have the best advice to give on stress relief, of all things, prostate advice and even penile dysfunctions. When it comes to men’s health issues, more and more advice is posted everyday. Perhaps the best forum for this online is for men visit This is as website that provides the best information that you can find and is often verifiable in studies and by doctors.

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Saturday, June 03, 2006

An Overview Of Stress and Stress Relief

The topic of stress relief has been the object of controversy in recent decades due to the various ways to administer it. There are different ways for different cultures. Where the Hindus have yoga the Japanese have Zen. Both of these methods are excellent in relieving stress. There are many types of yoga and this practice includes stretching of the muscles and various positions to relax each body part. Meditation and concentration for each movement will eventually with continued effort give you a youthful glow and allow you to keep stress levels at a minimum. Zen, on the other, hand is a style focusing on more of the meditation. Zen is a more philosophical approach to stress relief and really works if practiced on a regular schedule.

Other ways to relieve stress include deep breathing exercises, light physical exercise, reading, getting out into nature, the calming effects of light music; each individual has their own method. Some may prefer bingo or bowling while another may choose baking or smoking a cigarette. Whatever the choice, there are certain consequences. For instance, if you choose to smoke to relieve your stress it may not be the best solution and could result in a health risk. Other ways to relieve stress are acupuncture and hypnosis. These must only be done by a professional. To locate a professional simply use the internet or it’s as easy as your phone book under physicians or alternative medicine.

When you decide that relieving your stress level is what has to be done, consult your doctor. He or she will be able to determine whether your chosen method will be the best for you, and any adverse effects will then be discussed. Your physician may prescribe medication for you if you are at a risk for other problems. The problem about
Stress relief is to not do anything at all. Some people are not aware they are at risk for problems such as heart attack and stroke.

You can also look to different types of therapy in order to help you reduce your stress levels as well. It is very easy to maintain a relaxed mind and body if you just have the tools and knowledge. We all have to deal with life’s every day stresses but they don’t have to destroy our lives. Being able to control our stress levels is important to our overall body health. Making some time for yourself that is quiet and free from things like your children or your spouse is very important because just because we love the people in our lives; they often cause a lot of our stress.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Overview Of the Symptoms Of Stress

WebMD estimates that 75% to 95% of all doctors visits are stress related.

If you have symptoms of stress, heart disease, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, sleep problems, headaches, faster aging, strokes, depression, ulcers, asthma, weaker immune system (reducing your natural ability to fight off infection), panic attacks, loss of memory, ... stress can be a significant factor.

Stress occurs when you perceive a demand on you to be greater than your resources. This can happen studying, working, dealing with events, holidays, running your own business and so on. The symptoms include an elevated blood pressure, release of hormones, increase of tension in your muscles, rapid breathing, and sweating.

Some stress can actually be good for you, as it can motivate you. But all the physical symptoms of stress can make your body weaker, breaking down its immune system. So stress for a longer period of time than a few days can be very dangerous.

Think of it this way; If you bought a car and then drove it around recklessly, not taking proper care of it, the car will break down. You are putting way too much exertion on the engine to keep it running for very long.

Your body is the same way with stress. You have to consciously take control of and manage stress, or your body will begin to run like a broken down car.

Unfortunately the fast paced living we are used to is designed to put your body into a state of stress from the very moment you wake up! It begins with the sharp sound of an alarm bell, followed by the stress of the morning commute, add coffee and sugar filled snacks and your body is beginning to get hit hard...and all of this before the work day has even begun!

By the time you get home there is so much stress stored up in your body that you may even find it difficult to allow your mind to relax. You have probably been "storing" stress in your body for years and don't realize it. This leads to trouble relaxing and sleeping, one of the most common symptoms of stress.

You may even have searched for the best possible way to help you go to sleep fast, trying to seek some relief from a stressful day. If you learn how to manage your stress better, then you will have more energy at the end of the day. This makes it easier to wind down the mind and drift off into a nice deep peaceful sleep.

“Stress is harmful to the body as well as the mind.”

Time Magazine January 20, 2003

Take the stress test below to get an idea of how much stress you have in your life.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Stress Test

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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Stress Test

Do you want to find out how stress is affecting your life? Take a stress test. I will be adding stress tests from time to time that will measure different aspects of stress and its effects on your life.